Climbing the Chasseral on August 22, 2016.
Climbing the Chasseral on August 22, 2016.

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Volagi Viaje SL

Reaching the Chasseral on my Volagi Viaje SL.

The third. In March of 2014 I built a red/black Volagi Viaje up as a road bike and in 2016 an all black one into a 1x11 gravel bike. To distinguish the three, I called the red one the RD, the black one the CX and the creme one the SL. The RD went through several changes in the five years I rode it. With over 13'000 km it's had become the road bike I've liked most. In August of 2018, someone posted in the Volagi Vanguard Facebook group that they were looking for a titanium Viaje. Out of curiosity, I just googled "Volagi Viaje" and discovered that a German bike shop still had some NOS Volagi material. There were several carbon Liscio framesets and one creme/black Viaje. This frame was just my size and the price was far lower than the original retail price years ago. Loving this bike so much, this was basically the last chance to get my hands on a new Viaje and extend riding one for several more years. In early August this frameset was mine.

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