Gravel ride on May 22, 2016.
Gravel ride on May 22, 2016.

Old Gravel Bikes

I started gravel grinding years before it became a thing in Switzerland. At the time gravel-specific bikes didn’t really exist so my first two gravel bikes were pure cyclo-cross bikes. I did a bunch of gravel riding for seven years and then moved on in 2018. I can still be found on gravel, but now it’s generally to get from one paved road to another, which are not otherwise connected. When I was gravel grinding, I always planned my rides to be on gravel all the time. Gravel rides did not cut into my road riding, but cut heavily into my mountain biking. The more I spent on gravel, the less I spent on trails. So, I currently no longer own such a bike, although I may get back to it in the future.

Back in 2011, I bought a Focus Mares CX2.0 cross bike to do gravel rides when I didn't feel like mountain biking. A few years later, in October 2014, I replaced it with a Focus Mares CX 0.0. I only kept that bike for a year and bought a second Volagi Viaje the following spring. This one was set up as a gravel bike with a 1x11 drivetrain. Loved it; the stealth black frame, the re-purposed Enve AM 29er/700C wheels, and mostly how the bike performed. 

Volagi Viaje (sold)
Volagi Viaje CX
First rideMar 26, 2016
Last rideJun 22, 2018
Total rides91
Distance5'769 km
Elevation146'753 m
Hours292 h
Focus Mares CX 0.0 (sold)
Focus Mares CX 0.0
First rideOct 31, 2014
Last rideDec 30, 2015
Total rides34
Distance2'161 km
Elevation54'134 m
Hours111 h
Focus Mares CX 2.0 (sold)
Focus Mares CX 2.0
First rideOct 21, 2011
Last rideNov 2, 2013
Total rides64
Distance2'801 km
Elevation81'871 m
Hours151 h