Lots of orange components.
Lots of orange components.

All Good Things Take Time

In early 2019, I rebuilt my 2015 Ritte Snob Disc only to take it apart again to build my Nordest Albarda in the fall of the same year. Then my wife and I moved at the end of 2019 and the Ritte hung on the bike rack in our new basement missing many parts. In 2020, I purchased a SRAM eTap AXS groupset for the Nordest and moved the eTap HRD parts back to the Ritte. Over the course of the year, I bought bits and pieces here and there to complete the Ritte once again, but alas, I never quite finished.

Another year has rolled around and I have finally found the time to roam the dusty corners of the interweb to find the last bits to finish the bike. And since I have not been spending much during the seemingly never-ending pandemic, I shelled out some extra cash to exchange the aluminum Rotor Aldhu cranks with recently released Aldhu Carbon cranks. The carbon version of the cranks just fits better into the overall look of the bike. They are lighter, too but I have reached an age where a few extra grams more or less do not matter. This beauty of a bike is now almost too flipping nice to be ridden. No seriously, with five bikes at my disposal and life circumstances currently throwing a wrench into my freedom to ride, I am not yet sure where the bike will fit in. But it is there on the rack, ready to hit the road when I can or want to. It does not need to be this year. It is ready when I have a permit to freely ride up and down the Swiss Jura again.

This article was updated on March 17, 2022


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