Raudax cycling clothing from AliExpress.
Raudax cycling clothing from AliExpress.

Raudax Cycling Clothing

With this title, there is a high probability that this post will rank high in the search results whenever someone searches for "Raudax". I have searched for information about this brand myself, and there is very little to find. So, dear visitor, if you happen to land here thanks to a search engine, give me a quick shoutout in the comments below. Anyway, I had a chance to wear the vests I bought on AliExpress in early November, and they are nice to wear. Everything stays in place when I fill the three back pockets with the items I always carry on a ride. They are not made with a wind-breaking material but from a typical polyester with some stretch. All have already been machine-washed and kept their shape and color.

With that positive experience, I bought three more items from a different vendor at the end of December. This time I filled my shopping cart with a long sleeve jersey, a jacket, and a vest with a thermal fleece for winter temperatures. All three are made by Raudax, a Chinese brand that sells its products primarily on AliExpress. Just like the three vests purchased in November, there is nothing to complain about. The zippers appear to be good quality, and the garments are neatly sewn. The fabrics feel great, and the fit is right. They are sized a bit large, but I generally wear two or even three layers underneath a jacket in the winter. So a relaxed fit is just what I need for the outermost layer of clothing. If the remainder of winter stays as warm as it has been, I will sadly not get a chance to wear them. And since I cannot travel, I cannot go where the snow is.

  • 2023 Raudax Winter Cycling Thermal Fleece Jacket - CHF 16.94
  • 2023 Raudax Winter Cycling Thermal Fleece Vest - CHF 14.38
  • 2021 Raudax Winter Cycling Thermal Fleece Jersey - CHF 17.31

For a total of CHF 57.60 including shipping.