Camouflage cycling vests.
Camouflage cycling vests from AliExpress.

Shopping On AliExpress

Three weeks ago, the Swiss news portal 20 Minutes reported that instead of doing a traditional apprenticeship, young people dream about getting rich with drop shipping, a business model where one runs a customer-facing online store without keeping an inventory and without handling the shipping process. So basically, these kids are hoping to make a living selling cheap goods without doing much work. Why would anyone want to buy something at an inflated price from a drop shipper when you can get the same on AliExpress at the lowest cost and often with free shipping? Whenever I see something unbranded or from an unfamiliar brand, I check AliExpress. Most of the time, I find the same item for a fraction of the price. I bought a tiny Windows 11 mini PC and often buy computer accessories there. It’s also a great site to search for cases in all shapes and sizes.

Most recently, I bought a bunch of cycling vests. Except for the summer months, I generally wear a vest over a short or long-sleeve jersey. During the winter, I also slip a vest over a winter jacket. It’s a piece of clothing I wear on most rides. A while back, I bought two camouflage-colored vests from Primal. I liked the combination of these camo prints with solid-colored jerseys and decided to look for others. I found three cool prints at the JoseMX store on AliExpress. I wasn’t expecting quality for CHF 16.59 a piece, but I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived. The fabric is nice, the stitching is well done, and the fit is perfect. One thing that would make these three vests even more useful, would be the use of a wind-breaking fabric for the front. Whenever windchill could be an issue, I certainly won’t be using them.

Because of that, I bought two other vests from another AliExpress shop. These are wind-breakers. As far as material and workmanship there is nothing to complain. They’re well made. The manufacturer could improve them, though, by making the back pockets longer. I carry my phone, an iPhone 12 mini, and a tool pouch in these pockets, and my small iPhone sticks out of the side pockets. In comparison to other vests, the pockets could be 6-7 centimeters longer. Lastly, the shop sent one of the vests in a different color that didn’t match what I ordered. But at CHF 12.16 a piece, I’m not going to make a fuss about it.