Formula R1 rear brake.
Formula R1 rear brake on Niner Air9 Carbon.

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Centerlock Rotor Comparison

160mm Centerlock Two-Piece Rotors.

Whenever possible, I equip a bike with Centerlock rotors. I used to have rotors with the 6-bolt interface, but after experiencing some hub failures with 6-bolt rotors, particularly on road hubs, I now prefer Centerlock hubs. I have used SRAM Centerline X, TRP TR25, and Jagwire Pro LR2 rotors. I always install 160 mm rotors on the front and back of road and gravel bikes, except for my Volagi Viaje bikes, which require a 140 mm rotor on the back. Very recently, I bought a pair of Bucklos RT-MT760 rotors on AliExpress. They looked good, and you get a pair, including lockrings, for the price of one of the better-known brands.

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