Magicshine MJ-906S front light.
Magicshine MJ-906S front light.

New Road Front Light

Since I don't Zwift during the dark season of the year, time had come to look for a new front light. I've been using Magicshine lights since I bought a Magicshine Racer's Special from GeoManGear in 2009. I got two more MJ-808E lights in 2014 and have been using them ever since for mountain biking, road cycling, and most often for nightly fat-bike rides in the snowy Jura.

The MJ-808E series of lights are not super ideal with their rubber O-ring that wraps around the handlebar, particularly on the road. Over time, the lights tend to rotate out of position and have to be re-adjusted. So, for the past few years, I've kept an eye out for new lights but never actually pulled the trigger.

Well, I finally ordered a light that I will be using on evening road bike rides; a Magicshine MJ-906S. This 4500-lumen front light mounts smack in the front center of my stem, thanks to a Garmin-style MJ-6272 front mount. Underneath the light, there's a GoPro mount to attach any GoPro camera or another compatible device.

I'm using a top-tube mounted Silca Speed Capsule to store the powerful MJ-6118 battery pack. It is going to shield the battery from the elements and the cold. When I returned from my last two rides, dusk started to set in while coming down the mountain. I still saw plenty but will be using the light from now on to be seen by the occasional driver that may come up the road. On my narrow roads in the woods, an un-illuminated cyclist can easily be missed after all.