100km road bike ride on October 25, 2020.
100km road bike ride on October 25, 2020.

Clocks Turned Back

This weekend Europeans turned the clocks back an hour and perhaps for the last time. This would totally suck because I happen to like daylight saving time. If we're not going to change our clocks twice a year, I'd prefer the time to stay on DST all year round. Winston Churchill argued that daylight saving time enlarges "the opportunities for the pursuit of health and happiness among the millions of peopleā€ and I full-heartedly agree. DST is far better for my physical and psychological well-being. My "seven to five" work hours only allow me to be outdoors in the evening and it's a lot nicer and far safer to ride when it's still light outside. It's much harder to find the motivation to head out into the darkness with lights mounted to the bike. I love fat-bike night rides in the snow and occasionally do road rides at night, but having to do it for more than half the year would not be too much fun. Most likely, I'd be exercising far less. Wikipedia mentions several studies that conclude that retailers, sporting goods makers, and other businesses benefit from extra afternoon sunlight. I spend a great deal on cycling equipment, clothing, and nutrition. On a wintertime schedule, those spending habits would undoubtedly be considerably smaller. Besides, that extra morning hour in the winter makes no difference. I leave home in the dark, whether the clock would happen to be on summer or wintertime.

Featured image: 102.41 km road ride with 2,176 m of climbing that took 4:18:00 hours.

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