44 Snakedriver in a bike jacket.
44 Snakedriver in a bike jacket.

A Bike Jacket For Next Winter

A broken down car right ahead of Christmas and New Year, meant driving a loaner until we purchased a new car. No roomy vehicle meant no fat biking. That was followed by one of the poorest winters in years for snow cover. No snow, oh well, no fat-biking. A new vehicle in our parking spot created another necessity - to safely transport my studded fatty inside the new car without damaging the interior. Tire studs are short, but they're awfully sharp and will scratch interior plastic panels and tear fabrics or leather. In our old car, I did my best to be careful. But a scratch now and then wasn't a big deal. With a brand-new car, however, being careful isn't quite enough. I wanted something that would protect our car from those sharp metal studs. Thanks to Google I came across a post in the fat-bike forum on MTBR which pointed me to Amy Middleton's Bike Jackets. I ordered one and then waited ages because it got hung up at Swiss customs. It didn't get much use during the no-show winter of 19/20, but will hopefully come in handy for winter 20/21.

These bike jackets were not primarily designed for use inside the car, though they're great for that too. They were developed to protect your bike from snow, salt, dust, and water when transporting it on a bike rack. Salt especially will corrode everything from chains to bearings. Handcrafted in the USA with durable, cold-hardy materials, a bike jacket zips securely onto your bike to prevent weather-related corrosion damage to your beloved bike. Or use it, as I will, to protect your car's interior from damage or dirt.

This article was updated on October 18, 2023


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