Rotor QRings on my Neilpryde Alize.
Rotor QRings on my Neilpryde Alize.

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Oval Rounds Your Pedal Stroke

Rotor Q-Rings oval chainrings.

I've been running oval Rotor and Garbaruk chainrings on my road and gravel bikes for years, but have not used any on my SingleSpeed or FatBike even though the benefits of oval rings would be particularly advantageous on these two bikes. On my FatBike I've dialed chainline to an optimum with a round 28T Wolftooth chainring. Due to lack of chain stay clearance an oval ring would not fit without me increasing chainline. Until now, my SingleSpeed was equipped with a round 34T titanium chainring for technical reasons also. My favorite MTB crankset - Rotor's Rex 1.2 - had a 5-bolt, 110 BCD spider. The smallest oval ring for that bolt circle diameter is a 36T - too large for a SingleSpeed in mountainous terrain - I don't have quite that power. This all changed now because Rotor expanded their direct-mount chainring options to the Rex line of cranks.

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